Instructions for use Fungalor Premium Plus

Use the function of Fungalor Premium Plus cream

The mycosis cream Fungalor Premium Plus requires a strict treatment plan to quickly relieve the mycosis. If you want the maximum effect, follow the instructions.

How to use cream

How to use Fungalor Premium Plus

Apply the cream to the skin infected by the fungus several times a day. Before applying the cream, rinse your feet thoroughly with water (preferably warm water). Pat the skin gently. Rub the product on the skin gently and carefully. When massaging, the circular motion will come in handy. Simple applications may not achieve the desired results. Massage in turn relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation. Therefore, the product will be reliably absorbed into the skin, and the process of repairing damaged cells will begin, thereby making the skin healed. Apply the cream to visible damaged, red, and itchy areas.


Fungalor Premium Plus cream has the following main indications:

  • Fungal infection
  • Rough and peeling skin;
  • Inflammation, redness, itching;
  • Nail plate damage;
  • The natural blush is gone;

This tool is not only ideal for the treatment of fungal diseases, but also for the prevention of diseases.

Action phase

A week influences
the first week The cream begins to interact with skin cells. The cell regeneration process is activated.
the second week The skin tone is improved, the itching disappears, and redness is reduced.
The third week The results are visible to the naked eye: the signs of mycosis have almost disappeared 99%.
Week 4

This week the effect of the cream has been consolidated and the protective layer of the skin has been strengthened.


Fungalor Premium Plus has no contraindications. The use of the product should be moderate and within the scope of the instructions.

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